This youngster chose a lively and electrifying pub to propose to his lady, in tune with modern times. The radiant pub set at Ramoji Film City wore a new look with a special lighting that reportedly cost around seven lakh rupees. All this was to picturise a special sequence that included a peppy song number. For producers A. Naga Suseela and Chinthalapudi Srinivasa Rao it is a hat trick production with Sushanth after Kalidas and Current with him in the lead. In Adda , Sushanth is playing a young lover and Sanvi his love interest.

First time director G.S. Karthik placed himself before the monitor screen to watch the scene being filmed. Choreographer Johnny and his assistants guided the lead actors to do right steps for one final rehearsal before the actual shoot commenced. Both Sushanth and Sanvi were at ease and did their steps like pros, in perfect harmony to the fast beat, mouthing Ramajogaiah Sastry’s teasing lyric – ‘pilloda dillunte dil me dammunte…’ . Attractive lady dancers specially flown in from Bollywood along with local male dancers formed the backdrop, complementing the ambience of the pub. While cinematographer S. Arunkumar was filming the number, producer Srinivasa Rao gave us an insight into the scene.

“The hero decides to propose to the heroine and is in a joyful mood. She knows his mind and teases him through this song saying that if he has the guts he should express his love. He too responds in an equally playful tone. It is a fun song. Though fun-loving, the hero has certain views on love. He believes that there should be sincerity in love, that even after marriage, love should last a lifetime, say 100 years and not just a hundred days. If it doesn’t it is not love but mere attraction, he thinks. Dev Gill plays the main villain and Nagineedu, the supporting villain. Karthik came up with a wonderful script and he is debuting as a director.”

The next major schedule would be at Annapurna Studios. “In the sprawling open space opposite floor no.1, we have created a huge street set (art director: Narayana Reddy) with shops and buildings running to two floors. From there the entire city can be viewed. The street and its surroundings form the ‘ adda ’ of the hero and his friends. We plan to shoot there for 25 days. It is a breezy entertainer,” signs off Srinivasa Rao.

Avasarala Srinivas, Suhasini ( Chantigadu fame) Kota Srinivasa Rao, Thanikella Bharani, Raghubabu, Venumadhav and Swapnika are in the cast. After completing work in Hyderabad, the unit will leave in November to Scotland and London in the U.K to film two duets on the lead pair.

Adda hits the screens in December.



Cast:Sushanth, Sanvi, Dev Gill

Writer-director:G.S. Karthik

Music:Anoop Rubens

Banner:Sri Nag Corporation