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chat Raja makes a strong comeback albeit silently

ready for a comebackRaja
ready for a comebackRaja

He could have jumped at the opportunity at being interviewed when he was approached by us two months ago, specially when his career seemed not going anywhere. But Raja politely refused and said he would speak only after his film releases. Now Mr Nookayya is out and more than any role it was Raja's that sprang a surprise. He played a wicked man in the garb of a saint but it was the one that drew the maximum applause.

An actor's true worth doesn't diminish because of an unsuccessful film, he just needs another author backed role to bounce back inside the circle and he did it. Raja says, “True, I wanted my film to do the talking and I'm truly happy today. I have connected for the first time with the mass, I was always known as a multiplex actor for the choice of my films. Also what worked was there was no mention of my presence in Mr Nookayya , it was meant to be a surprise and now people are talking about me more than they spoke about me in the last two years. I had the tag of a chocolate boy and I have this constantly smiling visage, even if I would try to look wicked my face wouldn't support. It was challenging to play a mean guy. I couldn't have pulled it off without the team's encouragement. Manoj was a great support, he would say he trusted me and it would work. It was the first time in my life that I really and truly let go; only when that happens one looks convincing.”

Raja adds that he is tired with stereotyped roles but now that he has tasted something superior and exciting, he would want to experiment. His next could be with Suman Pathuri. Looking calm, stable, Raja is now a picture of peace. He has been to the US on a Gospel tour. His dream of visiting Jerusalem has finally been fulfilled, he says. The experience, he adds was like reading a Bible.”

He avers, “I feel very cautious with my films and I have learnt to be very patient. I used to be very emotional. I was tired of the kind of films I was doing, irritated with my Inkosari producer, I put in so much investment to release it and he just vanished. I've learnt about relationships… there were injuries as well. There were good experiences and bad as well but the biggest decision I took was not to take any action when I am emotional. So how many rounds of coffee every day? “Oh! I have given it up totally; I stopped partying two and a half years back. But please do visit my website that deals with education, health and sanitation for the under-privileged,” he says before signing off.

y. sunita chowdhary

It was the first time in my life that I really and truly let go; only when that happens one looks convincing.



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