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Ram and Tamanah in the movie
Ram and Tamanah in the movie

It's a wonder how filmmakers manage such exorbitant funding to make films that defy such a great amount of logic. Fifteen minutes into Endukante Premanta , you get to see Tamannah in three characters — one as a woman who dies in an accident, another who slips into a coma in an accident and finally a spirit with selective interests. By the time you are through with the story it's confirmed that this premise is not romance but actually a ghost comedy. The director struggles to establish a connection between the three characters and instead of enjoying the story and going with the flow one spends time putting the threads together. There are definitely some moments of humour in the film.

The prelude shows two silent lovers in 1980 in a bus, a collision takes place and Krishna (Ram) dies while saving Srinidhi (Tamannah). In the next scene we have Sravanti (Tamannah) daughter of an Indian Ambassador in Paris, suffocated with her security guards escapes from home, also helps a youth Ram (Ram) who desires freedom to leave Europe and both develop a liking for each other. The twist in the tale arrives when Ram who sees Sravanti half an hour before now finds her on a hospital bed on a ventilator. We are made to understand that the Sravanti is a spirit and her presence which is visible to Ram is directly proportionate to the life span of the woman on the bed.

We try our best and programme ourselves to believe that this is actually happening but there is no trace of any emotional connect. One ought to do some research when dealing with science, medicine and surreal themes. Karunakar throws logic to the wind and brings in the ‘atma' who guides the hero to perform a keyhole surgery on his father but when it comes to the self, the spirit banks on a certain medicine from Germany to remain visible. When the medicine doesn't arrive on time there is timeless and classic scene of resuscitation and the heroine springs back to life. Ram and Tammanah have done their best to bring some semblance of reality to this fantasy but wish the director could have directed some amount of attention he had spent on the lovely costumes and the beautiful locations on the story too. Rishi has a consistent expression and makes an impact, Anu Hasan's role is contrived and Sayaji Shinde, Brahmanandam bring a smile on your face albeit a little while. The film appears like a montage of different films.

y. sunita chowdhary

Endukante Premanta

Cast: Ram, Tamannah

Director: Karunakaran

Music: GV Prakash


Plot: Hero falls for an atma that flits in and out of her body

Bottomline: You will appreciate this if you've seen ‘Inception' thrice



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