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y. sunita chowdhary
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chat Actor Rishi returns to Telugu films as an anti-hero

Rishi makes a re-entry in Telugu films after two years as an anti hero in Endukante Premanta , the last film was Dammunnodu . His repertoire isn't very impressive but the actor is very optimistic about his second innings and says this time he will not confine himself to lead roles but even if he does a negative character it should be something that is worth remembering.

“I think I have done around a dozen films altogether and since I had continuous flops and there was no good subjects in sight, I preferred to focus on Tamil cinema. I have done around three films in Tamil recently and two in Telugu, Ukodathara Ulikki Padathara and Endukante Premanta, are gearing up for release. Offers might come in late but it is okay with me. I know I have a strong family backing but I want to make it on my own effort, no wonder I'm still trying to get off the tag of Shalini's brother after so many years. Shalini does give me advice but we confine ourselves to only discussions. Shamili hasn't spoken her mind after Oye but I guess she isn't interested in films.”

Rishi recollects declining Kadir's offer of Prema Desam after college as he wasn't ready, he then took up A Film By Aravind , Bhagyalakshmi Bumper Draw, Veedu Mamoolodu Kadhu, Bangaru Konda, Maharajasri etc.

He was to be a part of Aravind 2 but missed it due to date issues. On working in the two Telugu films he quips, “This is a new dimension, as a villain I missed dancing with the heroines but I believe that a villain should have a strong aim. In Ukodathara Ulikki Padathara which is a thriller I am the good guy before the break, towards the end Balakrishna's soul takes on Manoj's body and Sonu Sood's soul enters mine. There were no scenes involving the dupes, each of us did our own stunts. I like doing my stunts; if I were not in movies I would have been a stuntman. I was into martial arts before getting into movies, may be that's why Manoj picked me. In Karunakaran's Endukante Premanta I'm the nice guy till the break again, I play a security commander in France for Suman and Tamanna who are in France.”

Endukante Premanta was shot for the most part in Switzerland, France and Geneva. It was a 60-day shoot out of which Rishi participated in a 40 day schedule but the most memorable part of the film was in Ukodathara Ulikki Padathara where he had a AD3 camera fixed to his body and had to jump from a 60 ft tall building, “The camera was 30 kilos and the jump scene was really scary.”

y. sunita chowdhary



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