1. In the wacky movie Beerfest, what were the siblings doing in Germany in the first place?

2. What is the autobiography of ‘Sivaji’ Ganesan called?

3. With which real-life karate champion does Bruce Lee have a climactic encounter at the Colosseum in the cult film Return of the Dragon?

4. After Ahmed Khan took over the Sundaram Sound Studio in the 1940s, what was it rechristened as?

5. In film editing jargon, what are ‘trims’?

6. Which actor made his Tamil film debut in En Kadhal Kanmani?

7. Who played Muhammad Ali Jinnah in Sir Richard Attenborough’s Gandhi?

8. Which film festival was founded in 2002 as a response to the attacks on the World Trade Center?

9. Which Marx Brothers’ film has this classic quote: “One morning I shot an elephant in my pajamas. How he got in my pajamas, I don’t know”.

10. Which 1958 Bimal Roy classic was written by Ritwik Ghatak?


1. Taking their grandfather’s ashes to his homeland.

2. ‘Enath Suyasarithai’.

3. Chuck Norris.

4. Neptune Studios.

5. Outtakes of a few frames, usually a foot or less.

6. Vikram.

7. Alyque Padamsee.

8. The Tribeca Film Festival.

9. Animal Crackers.

10. Madhumati.