Kaelvikku Enna Badhil

(Makkal TV, Friday, 11.00 a.m.)

Our life is characterised by the challenges we face; the anomalies we witness around us; the issues we share with our fellow citizens. Power cuts and losing out land to SEZs are but a few examples of the issues we face in the current scenario. What are the alternatives? Where are the solutions? “Kaelvikku Enna Badhil” is an attempt to find answers to such questions. The live phone-in show involves experts in line with the topic debated in the particular episode. It also facilitates viewers’ interaction over phone. The show is directed and anchored by Carmel.

Udal Nalam Penum Kaimanam

(Makkal TV, Sundays, 9 a.m.)

This is for the health conscious. The global addiction to fast foods has not spared the people of Tamil Nadu. In the bargain, their health has taken a beating. “Udal Nalam Penum Kaimanam” brings to the viewer traditional recipes which are nutritious and tasty. Food thus becomes the remedy to ailments. The programme introduces new recipes as well.

Kanavu Illam

(Makkal TV, Sundays, 9 a.m.)

To own a home is a universal dream. But never has it been more difficult, what with escalating costs, inflation and recession. Property within the city is beyond the reach of the common man. And paying rent again is not easy. What is the solution?

“Kanavu Illam” guides prospective owners and those who aspire to buy property. What are the salient points one should notice? How are loans obtained? How is litigation avoided?