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interesting fare From Uliyin Osai
interesting fare From Uliyin Osai

M. Karunanidhi’s script, Ilaiyaraja’s music and B. Kannan’s camera work combine to make J. Nandhini Arts’ Uliyin Osai interesting. History and fiction blend in this story, written years ago. After all it is through such films that one can get glimpses of the lifestyle of kings and queens and the culture of the period. It is a charming love story that Karunanidhi has spun with a climax that leaves the audience surprised. His dialogue is another plus point.

Chola King Rajarajan (Sarath Babu) wants to build a big temple in Thanjavur. He asks his son Rajendran to find a sculptor who knows all the seven dance poses of Lord Nataraja. The prince brings the best sculptor Iniyan (Vineeth) for the job. He also finds a beautiful girl Chamundi (Keerthi Chawla) as his model.

Another dancer who wants to be the model is Muthunagai (Akshaya). But her desire is thwarted by the sculptor. She attempts suicide but Iniyan saves her. The girl falls in love with the sculptor, who is in fact holding a torch for Chamundi.

Vineeth as the sculptor has performed his role convincingly. Being a dancer, his talent has been well-exploited. But the make-up department has gone overboard. In fact, that is the case with several other artists too.

Keerthi Chawla plays two roles — Chamundi and princess Panchavan Mahadevi — and it is in the latter that she excels. Akshaya does not fritter away the opportunity, with her dancing skill coming in handy.

Manorama as Azhagi, who provides food for the workers, fills the bill and partially succeeds in her attempt to raise a few laughs teaming up with Ganja Karuppu. Kovai Sarala, ‘Thalaivasal’ Vijai, Sriranjani and Balasingh sail through their roles.

Ilaiyaraja’s flair for re-recording is evident in a number of scenes, particularly where Muthunagai comes to the sculptor’s place to inspect his work.

Most of the seven songs are good, ‘Kalathai Venra Kalainganivan,’ sung by Bhavatharini and Sriram Parthasarathy, being the most appealing.

B. Kannan’s camera does justice to the director’s imagination, especially in the outdoor songs and the darbar scenes. Kannan also makes a brief appearance. The work of art director Mahi is generally of a high calibre. Only he should have paid more attention to detail while depicting chiselled stone.

The film is produced by Arumuganeri S.P.Murugesan.

Uliyin Osai

Genre: Historical

Director: Ilavenil

Cast: Vineeth, Keerthi Chawla, Akshaya, Manorama, Sarath Babu, Kovai Sarala, Ganja Karuppu, Thalaivasal Vijay, Sriranjani, Balasingh and Udaya.

Storyline: A love triangle involving a sculptor and two damsels.

Bottomline: Stands out for its climax.




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