The ‘Jayam’ jamboree -- Santosh Subramaniam

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romance, comedy, action Santosh Subramaniam
romance, comedy, action Santosh Subramaniam

Nowhere do you find an alien flavour in this Telugu import which has been aptly re-tuned to suit the Tamil milieu. For the fourth time in succession filmmaker Ravi shows he can re-make a film to suit the audiences here.

‘Santosh Subramaniam’ (U) from AGS Entertainments is a family film with its cheer quotient intact. The wisdom of the maker is seen in the timing of its release viz., the holiday season. It’s a puzzle why ‘Jayam’ Ravi reserves his wins for brother, director Raja. The combo hits the bull’s eye once again in SS.

Santosh (Ravi) faces a unique problem. His father Subramaniam (Prakash Raj) is so concerned about his wife and children that he fails to realise he is an intrusion and that his affection curbs their independence. Too many things happen before the old man is made to see reason.

N. Bhasker’s simple line takes the form of a neat screenplay with natural dialogue (both by Raja) in SS. As a son smothered by the interference of an over-responsible dad, Ravi is spontaneous. Ravi’s voice is no more a negative aspect. He has worked on the weakness and the result is gratifying. Both he and Prakash Raj shine in the climax. Prakash acquits himself well in every role, big and small. SS is no exception.

A picture of innocence and straightforwardness, Genelia fills the bill, but the voice that has dubbed for her goes overboard in its childish shrill. If it’s a surprise to see cricketer Sadagopan Ramesh play the hero’s brother, it’s a shock to see him completely unutilised! A debut wasted! In the climax, he stands still in the background, absolutely expressionless!

Kausalya gets promoted to a character role, but again she has nothing substantial to do. As the sensitive mom of Santosh, it is Geetha who makes her presence felt. It’s a come-down for Keerath (the Vattaram heroine), who plays Santosh’s fiancée. And it’s clean fun from the humour team of Santosh, Premji Amaran and ‘the friend-in-every-film’ Srinath. For once, Sayaji Shinde isn’t the clichéd villain. With undertones of levity and seriousness, he is another value-addition to SS.

D. Kannan creates a carnival mood with his camera and Anand Sai’s (art) splashes of colour enhance the effect (except the drawing room of the Subramaniams which is garish). The choice of locations for the duets is a visual delight and Devi Sriprasad’s peppy score adds to the jubilation. The lyrics of ‘Senthamizh Pesum…’ warrant mention. So does the editing (Manoj).

The near-linear narration has romance, sentiment, comedy and a little bit of action blending well to make a wholesome fare. In Santosh Subramaniam dull moments are rare, enjoyable ones aplenty.

Santosh Subramaniam Genre: Romance

Director: Raja

Cast: ‘Jayam’ Ravi, Genelia, Prakash Raj

Storyline: With his dad always breathing down his neck the hero feels suffocated. The problem is compounded when he falls in love…

Bottomline: A treat for the season!




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