Well, both of us like Thillu Mullu a lot. It’s a chilled out film without having any pretensions of being anything else. And of course, the quintessential charm of Rajnikant was the highlight. And, this was before he became the larger than life Superstar.

The way it is written and the performances are all super breezy. How many ever times you watch it, you can’t get bored. I think it’s a unique film. You don’t get to see that kind of films too often.Even now, you hardly come across such a cool, casual fun film.

Today, even if films start off light, they get burdened with huge family sentiment. Thillu Mullu is cool and doesn’t seem to give in to the pressure of commercial elements. Though the double-role concept has been done to death, in this one, the double role doesn’t get cheesy. The treatment, if KB wanted, could’ve become melodramatic. But it’s not so. Rajnikant with and without mush is ultra charming. And Madhavi is attractive. In Hindi, we like Satya. The characters were real and gritty, it had an earthy feel to it and despite its seriousness, there was a lighter vein running through it.