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Mad Money

Genre Comedy

Director Callie Khouri

Cast Diane Keaton, Queen Latifah, Katie Holmes

Storyline Three women get addicted to regularly robbing their bank of money about to be destroyed.

Ups The casting (Keaton’s charming, Katie’s cute and the Queen’s really fine), the writing (with gems scattered through the screenplay Sample: Do you know what it is when you trade sex for money? Advertising? Marriage?) and the sheer hilarity of the plot. Quite a few laughs all through. Don’t be surprised to see this remade in Hindi.

Downs Very few actually. It’s a little implausible and way too conveniently resolved but then it’s hard not to like this housewife-heist executed in a way that would make Danny Ocean and Co blush and Spike Lee wonder if the Inside Man was way too complex a modus operandi.

Bottomline By all means, go mad, put your money on it




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