American Casino

(Discovery Travel and Living Channel, Tuesday, 11 p.m.)

The programme chronicles the high pressure, high stakes world of brothers Lorenzo and Frank Fertitta and their crack management staff tasked with running the day-to-day operations of their ultra-exclusive Green Valley Ranch Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.

This series offers a rare insight into the Fertitta Brothers’ empire and follows the eclectic cast of characters that live, work and play at the hotel.

In this week’s episode, watch a highly competitive black jack tournament that gets mired in controversy, while the stressed executive staff goes out for a wild tour of Las Vegas’s hottest ultra lounges.

One Planet
(Discovery Channel, Saturday, 8 p.m.)

When the dry season is at its hottest and most unbearable, across the plains and forests of wild Sri Lanka, an invisible trigger causes one particular tree to unexpectedly burst into fruit. It’s a signal for the island’s most enigmatic animal to materialise from out of the undergrowth. For most of the year, no one knows where the Sloth Bears disappear.

Mystery surrounds this lesser known member of the bear family, but during the few weeks of the fruiting season, the Sloth Bears certainly make their presence felt.