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Writer-director-actor Parthepan opens up on his next project, Vithagan, a cop story. malathi rangarajan takes notes

“Have you tried playing Rubik’s cube? Vithagan will be as much a brainteaser,” Parthepan’s take-off is as quick and enthusiastic as always. The focus is his just-launched venture, Vithagan, but the voluble interview material that he is, the session makes interesting detours too. “It’s a complete action film and I play a cop,” he says. So what’s new? “Action which involves the brain more than brawn,” is the cryptic response.

Vithagan will be a story of a mother who imbues her son with the right values so that he grows up into an upright police officer, very different from his father, a corrupt cop. The action genre isn’t new to him. Even his debut, Pudhiya Paadhai, had plenty of it. “ After PP, filmmakers began to hound me with similar roles. Along with the camera they would bring knives, guns and sickles all geared up for the photo shoot,” he guffaws. A natural wit, conversations with this writer-director-actor-producer are never dull. His award-deserving product, Houseful, sank without a trace and he bounced back with a vengeance with Ullae Veliyae, replete with sensual overtones. Again Kudaikkul Mazhai, a very new attempt, was juxtaposed with the story of a sex-driven pervert in Pachchai Kudhirai, which bombed too! “The Houseful debacle angered me a lot and the result was Ullae Veliyae. ‘If this is what you want, have it,’ kind of thing. But Pachchai Kudhirai was made on the advice of those around me.” However, the cold reception given to Kudaikkul Mazhai is still his pet peeve. “If it had been a French or English film, people would have raved about it,” he says.

In Vithagan, Poorna of Muniyaandi Vilangiyal Moondraam Aandu fame is paired opposite Parthepan. Milind Soman is the villain. Who’s the comedian? “There’s plenty of comedy, but no comedian. Composer Joshua Sridhar, who should have gone places after Kaadhal, has been roped in for Vithagan,” he says. Incidentally, Parthepan has penned all the six songs of the film.

About daughter Keerthana, he says, “She’s the one who is translating Milind’s dialogue into English for him. My children’s maturity is astounding. If only I had been as clear in my thinking in my early years I could have avoided many trials. But at least now I have realised that life is a mirage. There are still so many out there sharpening their knives for mundane issues till the moment they drop dead!”

Will he get married again? “Never, even if the marriage hall is offered free,” he quips.

Parthepan’s penchant for wordplay is known. So what’s his tagline for ‘Vithagan’? “With a gun,” he grins.



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