Contrived ‘fun’ track -- Guru En Aalu

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Commercial cocktail Guru En Aalu
Commercial cocktail Guru En Aalu

Guru En Aalu

Genre: Romance

Director: Selvaa

Cast: Madhavan, Mamta Mohandas, Abbas

Storyline: The hero is ambitious and so is his girl friend. Both try to take advantage of a wealthy man’s weakness …

Bottomline: They could have stuck to the original.

Let’s begin with the positives — Madhavan, for one. The hero with a disarming smile maintains the trim, youthful look he began to sport post Vaazthukkal. With every film Madhavan shows keenness to play diverse roles. If his recent Yaavarum Nalam was a thriller, Guru En Aalu (U/A) is a typical commercial cocktail with the chocolate boy hero looking rejuvenated for romance.

Shah Rukh Khan’s verve in Yes Boss may be a little less in Madhavan in the remake, but undoubtedly the actor is appreciable in the role of Guru.

Next is Mamta Mohandas. Apt expressions, commendable dress sense and an hour-glass figure are her forte. She scorches the screen as Seema, the heroine whom both the employer and his subordinate are in love with. That’s it as far as pluses go.

Abbas (Krishna) is a philanderer with a roving eye. Only his wife’s lucre, which he could otherwise lose, makes him tread with caution. Guru (Madhavan), his secretary, is hand-in-glove with the boss because his goal in life is to become an entrepreneur. He prefers to dance to his boss’s tunes as he is aware that without Krishna his plans to make it big can only remain a pipedream. The real problem arises when Krishna gets crazy about Seema, the girl Guru is in love with. As Seema is also the ambitious kind she doesn’t mind hitch-hiking to fame with Krishna. But his true colours will come to light one day …

Abbas, who wisely shifted to the second hero status some time ago, is the right choice for the role. In Guru En Aalu again, Renuka shows that she can make a difference to even the usual characters with her chirpy portrayal. You have a host of comedians trying to tickle the funny bone in Guru En Aalu. None succeeds. Actually Vivek takes off reasonably well. But his switch-over to a woman’s role half-way through, the grotesque dialogue and supposedly funny situations try your patience. Sad that a capable actor such as M. S. Bhaskar, who is ‘paired’ with Vivek tries to pass off buffoonery as comedy acting!

Surely Selvaa could have avoided these interpolations. There is this scene where the boss enters Guru’s home and beats him up in front of his mom. But at their very next meeting they move on with matters without as much as a reference to the incident!

If you have watched the Shah Rukh Khan-Juhi Chawla-Aditya Pancholi original you are bound to be perplexed by writer-director Selvaa’s unnecessary additions in the Tamil version that drag the film down to deplorable levels in the name of humour. MALATHI RANGARAJAN



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