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familiar gags Pink Panther 2
familiar gags Pink Panther 2

Iam a fan of the silly comedy genre. I think Austin Powers kicks it more than James Bond and believe Steve Martin's stupid French accent alone is funny enough to merit a franchise.

But the best inside joke ofthe film comes from AishwaryaRai Bachchan when sheintroduces herself, a good 25minutes into the film: "Sorry, Iam late. The flight was delayedby two hours. You must bePink Panther, the famous detective.I will not be of muchuse here."Ha ha ha! Classic Rai, if youhave attended any press conferenceof hers - walks in twohours late, and blames theflight. But surprisingly here,the lady laughs at herself, andadmits she would be of no usein an ensemble such as thisone. She imports the Bollywoodbrand of facial contortions.Bad make-up aside, shecomes across as a stunner atleast in a couple of scenes -especially, where she sitscross-legged in a short formalskirt with a slit, opposite InspectorClouseau inside theflight with make-up glitteringoff her bust. But that's aboutall the nice things we can sayabout her.If you've read interviewsspeculating the length of herrole, you probably alreadyknow the ending. Since I alreadydid, I had no choice butto sit back and redeem whateverfew laughs I could fromSteve Martin and Jean Reno.And there's Andy Garciathrown in for a bonus. Yes,French accent still makes youlaugh, he's adorable as thebumbling Inspector, and evenhas a couple of scenes that requirehim to be moist-eyed.The master comedian milksthe part to the last drop, andrevels playing everybody's favouritegoofball.Watch him fight the karatekids, hang out at the Pope's(literally!) or snoop around ahigh-surveillance building,and you know there are veryfew actors left who can makethese things funny enough towarrant a watch.The film is all that you expectfrom the Pink Pantherfranchise - structured as a seriesof familiar gags that firsthumiliate the legendary Inspector,take him to thedepths of despair, until he finallyredeems his reputationwith an uncanny flair for investigationand solving cases.Emily Mortimer is the perfectfoil to the unlikely hero andshe's bound to walk away withmore fans than Ms. Rai at theend of it all. Go for it only ifyou are in the mood for sillyslapstick.Pink Panther 2Genre: ComedyDirector:Harald ZwartCast: SteveMartin, JeanReno, EmilyMortimer,Andy Garcia,Aishwarya RaiBachchanStoryline:InspectorClouseauheads a DreamTeam formedto nab a thiefwho stealshistoricalartefactsBottomline:More sillythan funny,certainly notfor purists /fans of theoriginalSUDHISH KAMATH



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