1. Name the two who have won an Oscar for their performances (in 1948 and 1998) in a movie directed by them.2. What is common to Unforgiven, Dances with Wolves and Cimarron as regards the Best Picture Oscars?3. A biographical film made in 1937 and starring Paul Muni in the title role was the first flick to have 10 Oscar nominations. Name the movie.4. This actor, who died young at 42 because of cancer, made only five films but all were nominated for Best Picture Oscars in the 1970s. Name the consummate performer?5. In the 76th Academy Awards ceremony, the person who won an honorary Oscar said “…thanks to the beautiful English broad with the incomparable soprano and the promiscuous vocabulary.” Who and about whom?6. What is the nationality of Keisha Castle-Hughes, who holds the record for youngest person nominated for Best Actress Oscar at the age of 12 in 2002.7. The only Oscar to win an Oscar did so for his composition in Lady Be Good (1941). Name the one-half of a famous duo.8. What was special about the nominations of an actor for the Best Actor award for East of Eden (1955) and Giant (1956)?9. At the 61st Academy Awards held in 1989, what phrase was replaced by the academy?10. If the last four were Chris Rock, Jon Stewart, Ellen DeGeneres and Jon Stewart, who will it be this year?

1. Laurence Olivier (Hamlet) and Roberto Benigni (Life Is Beautiful).
2. The only three Westerns to have got that honour.
3. The Life of Emile Zola. It won three.
4. John Cazale.
5. Writer-director Blake Edwards about his wife Julie Andrews.
6. New Zealand.
7. Oscar Hammerstein II (of Rodgers & Hammerstein fame).
8. They were posthumous nominations with the star being James Dean.
9. The trademark award phrase “And the winner is...” with “And the Oscar goes to...”
10. Hugh Jackman. Hosts of the Oscar ceremony.