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Riding on the success of her nuanced act in Vaaranam Aayiram, Simran now looks forward to the release of TN 07 AL 4777, writes subha j rao

Her last outing on the silver screen was as Malini in Vaaranam Aayiram, where she made the transition from a bubbly college-goer to a happy wife and responsible, practical mom with aplomb. “People have appreciated my performance…the whole look. The movie was a great experience,” says Simran.

At any stage, did she worry how people would accept her “look” as a 60-year-old? “I don’t really think about these things. I was confident about the role,” says the actor, whose career graph saw her morph from glam queen into a performer of substance — she has 63 films to her credit of which 32 are in Tamil.

And, now she looks forward to the release of TN 07 AL 4777, a remake of the Hindi Taxi No. 9211, where she stars opposite “wonderful actor” Pasupathi. “I saw the original much before this role was offered to me. I like the idea of ‘setting a trend’; this film offered that scope. The character track is beautiful despite the fact that I have just seven to eight scenes,” she says.

Theatre background

Not many who saw Simran debut in Nerukku Ner (it was the first film she signed; however, VIP and Once More released before) could have predicted that the chirpy star would turn into an actor who surrenders to the camera. She agrees. “After all, I had a theatre background. But, I think it was with Vaali and Thulladha Manamum Thullum that my potential came to the fore. Till then, I grabbed every opportunity that came my way. Had I not done so, I would have been waiting in Bollywood for many years after Tere Mere Sapne,” she rewinds.

Considering the success she tasted here, has she ever repented not getting back to Bollywood? “No. I was very happy in the South. The doors there were always open, but I was so used to the professionalism in the South. The money was good, there were no tantrums or politics…,” she smiles.

Of course, it helped that she got to work with the best in the business, from K. Balachander (Paarthale Paravasam) to Mani Ratnam (Kannathil Muththamittal).

Chucking all the fame for marriage must have been difficult. “Everything has to be systematic in life. I worked well and delivered what was demanded of me. I did not want to leave the circus after people left. I quit at the peak of my career. And, returned once my son Adheep turned a year-and-a-half.”

And, the second innings (think Seval and VA and the to-be released TN 07 AL 4777 and Ayindham Padai) “has been nice, but I really wish people wrote roles for me. I firmly believe actors should not be wasted in regular character roles. Creators should think out of the box,” she says. “Remember Kovilpatti Veeralakshmi and Kannathil Muththamittal that I did some years ago? I am still the same actor,” she quips.

Such variety in roles, however, came her way with Simran Thirai on television that took her to the drawing rooms of most homes. The actor says it was great while it lasted. “TV has reach, yes, but, it is so much hard work.” Will she opt for the medium again? “I can’t predict, and am not ruling out anything.”

Now, the pretty actor is chilling out in Mumbai for a month with her school-going son. “A lot of scripts have come my way, but only something that is interesting will see me diverting attention from my kid,” laughs the happy mom, as her son prattles in the background.

Simran's take

Mani Ratnam: A principal,who can teach you lessons inacting, placing the camera anddirection.

K. Balachander: The god of expression. Introduced me to an actor I never knew existed within me.

Life's happiest moment: When Adheep was born.

Cinema is: Total entertainment. The message is not important.



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