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in conversation For detail hungry director Dasradh, a mature love story is next on the cards

fresh conceptsDirector Dasaradh wishes to bring in fresh characters in his film
fresh conceptsDirector Dasaradh wishes to bring in fresh characters in his film

Director Dasaradh is known for his decent and fragile take on relationships, something that an entire family can watch without embarrassment. His next film with Nagarjuna will go to the sets in June, and this time it will be a mature love story. One can't help but ask him why he takes such a long time churning out his scripts and he reacts, “Show me one director apart from Puri Jagannath who can make movies in quick succession. It is actually easy to draft stories that have a hero and a villain but in movies based on family relationships one needs to be very specific and clear about each character. The details of the script should convince the producer and hero and they should be confident in every aspect. Finding a subject that will satisfy us 100 percent takes at least six months, and then it has to excite the hero and the producer and the excitement needs to last till it is out on the screen.”

The director says that violence and vulgarity will never find a place in his films. A few fights may be included to boost the image of the hero but that too only if it is imperative. He elaborates on his kind of films and how he sees the world, “Films can never usher a change, they can only trigger a thought. I never think of passing a message. I look for freshness in concept and wish that the characters at that point of time have something unique to say and I try to put it across in an entertaining manner. If there is a clash of viewpoints in characters, I project it in a vibrant manner using goodwords. Ultimately the audience should not doubt the existence of such characters but concur and relate to them.”

The director's dialogues are simple yet meaningful. His characters may not say the absolute truth but in their point of view the conflict will have a reason and it sounds different and fresh; In the process he never forgets what he is looking to discuss in the film. He doesn't agree with the term ‘compromise' of female characters in his films. He avers, “Compromise is not a right word, it is mutual giving. There is pain in compromise but happiness in giving. Women in my films are mature, working and independent. What I portrayed in Mr. Perfect is that there is a victory in losing for the people you love, because eventually we will win their love. Earlier when we would look for a partner we would be content if the character of the person is good but now we are looking for people who think and behave like us. There is a clear shift in expectation.” Dasaradh finally observes that the audience is not overtly expecting great content. They want laughs and want to be entertained. He says, “No one is taking stories seriously. Films are being made in accordance with the demands and change in audience's taste and attitude. If you notice, no director is changing his pattern or style of making; they have just increased the entertainment quotient in a big way. I tried that in Mr Perfect too. Isn't it?”

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Films can never usher a change, they can only trigger a thought. I never think of passing a message.



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