Mammooty on the adrenalin rush that theatre gives him

He’s been there and done that. But, theatre gives veteran actor Mammooty a great high. After doing “Bheema”, an adaptation of M.T. Vasudevan Nair’s famous play “Randam Oozham”, where he played the roles of Bheema, Karna, Dharmaputra (Yudhistra) and Arjuna, the acclaimed actor has teamed up with Murali Menon of Cochin Actors Studio Theatre for “Maratha Café”, based on Nobel laureate Harold Pinter’s play “The Dumb Waiter”.

The play is about two professional killers and runs to 150 minutes.

Rehearsals are on, and Mammooty says theatre gives him a new high. “In cinema, you have to slog to impress the audience. Here, they are with you. And, if people enjoy it, it spurs you to go to the peak.”