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Ram Gopal Varma returns with yet another bhoot story and this time he has a third dimension up his sleeve making his famed camera angles a little more sinister.

Varma doesn’t need a reason to tilt his camera but in horror films audience discover their own reasons. A wall hanging here, a ceiling fan there, Varma has made ubiquitous items leap out of the screen.

Most of the times, he has made his frame in such a way that these objects appear at the corner, disturbing the viewer’s attention in the process. It is a good ploy but gets repetitive after while. As for the plot it is the same old blend of The Omen , Paranormal Activity and his own production Vaastu Shastra .

A couple (JD Chekravarthy and Manisha Koirala are up to the task) comes to reside in a new house and soon discovers that their daughter (Alyana Sharma is suitably cute) has befriended a girl whom they can’t see.

As always the domestic help suggests the presence of a ghost and the educated lot dismisses it as silly superstition until its much too late.

It’s a timeless template but Varma has managed to imbue it with some scary moments. Madhu Shalini, who plays JD’s sister, does the ‘legwork’ but what really works is the fact that when an innocent child becomes a threat, it does give goosebumps even when you know where it is headed.

The best part is Varma sums up the proceedings before the ghost loses its bite and the sound effects their surprise value.

anuj kumar



Cast:JD Chekravarthy, Manisha Koirala, Alyana Sharma, Madhu Shalini

Plot:What happens when a kid befriends a girl her parents can’t see!

Bottom line: Watch it if you have still not given up on RGV. Rest assured it is better than his last couple of outings.



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