Car vs. Wild

(Discovery Channel, Monday, 10 p.m .)

Rally driver Bill Wu and Special Forces veteran Gary Humphrey venture out to experience many adventures.

Each one is a high octane mix of incredible challenges, ingenious survival skills and bush car fixes, as they battle to conquer some of the most extreme wilderness.

Biggest and Baddest

(Animal Planet, Sunday, 9 p.m .)

Join biologist Niall McCann, as he heads out on one of the most exciting global adventures, to track down the biggest creature on the planet.

Steve Irwin’s Wildlife Warrior

(Animal Planet, Wednesday, 9 p.m .)

The series will reveal the fabulous work of the Australian Zoo Wildlife Warriors, the team that has brought forward Steve’s legacy. Watch them as they go through their less than average day-to-day lives in and around the Australian zoo. Be it a tiger tooth extraction, a koala that’s been hit by a car or tracking a crocodile in the wild, these wildlife warriors, including Steve's wife Terri and children, are taking Steve’s relentless fight for the preservation of wildlife to the next generation.

Pilot Globe Guides

(TLC, Thursday, 9 p.m .)

Go on a journey beyond popular tourist destinations to explore the culture, architecture and history behind each location, besides enjoying an enriching experience.