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The School Of Rock

(HBO, Friday, 4.35 p.m.)

Dewey Finn (Jack Black) gets fired from his rock band and his life goes down the drain. His debts increase while he sinks into depression. Then, Dewey takes up a job as a substitute teacher for fourth grade at an upscale private school. He makes a strong impression on the students. And that’s where he meets 10-year-old Zack (Joey Gavdos Jr.) who is an excellent guitar player. Will Zack be able to help Dewey win the ‘Battle of the Bands’ competition?

Sunday Bloody Sunday

(MGM Movies, Friday, 6.45 p.m.)

Glenda Jackson and Peter Finch portray two Londoners who are coping with the non-committal affections of their lovers in this provocative story.


(MGM Movies, Saturday, 5.30 p.m.)

Six people vent their angst during a weekend in the Vermont countryside. This results in subtle yet intense love-hate relationships. Dianne Wiest, Mia Farrow and Elaine Stritch star in this film directed by Woody Allen.

Not Without My Daughter

(MGM Movies, Sunday, 3 p.m.)

Moody (Alfred Molina) is an Iranian doctor living in America with his American wife Betty (Sally Field) and their child Mahtob. Wanting to see his homeland again, he convinces his wife to take a short holiday in Iran with him and Mahtob. Betty is reluctant, but she goes along. Upon arrival in Iran, her worst fears come true… Moody declares that they will be living there from now on. Betty is determined to escape from Iran, but taking her daughter along with her, presents a larger problem.

Shark Tale

(Sony Pix, Friday, 9 p.m.)

This mafia film is set underwater. The son of the shark boss is killed by a dropped anchor. Oscar is a small fish who happens to be at the scene of the crime. He hopes to gain the admiration of the enemies of the shark boss. So, Oscar claims to have killed the son.



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