BYE..BYE..POLONIA: Chittarvu Madhu; Vahini Book Trust, 1-9-286/3, Vidyanagar, Hyderabad-500044. Rs. 130.

IN HIS introduction to this novel the author says that this is almost like a sequel to his earlier work ICCU. Though there is no scientific proof for the sci-fi phenomena such as eyes emitting laser like rays, travelling into the past and present in a Time-Machine, he incorporates them into this gripping novel. He creates space ships that can travel faster than light.

The story begins with a burglary in Dhyanananda Swami’s ashram and how it grows into a suspense filled sci-fi story is very gripping. The space couple, Habib and Habiba will be mistaken for an Arab couple — their entry into the story is so beautifully built up that the intrigue remains intact right through.

The characters of Shilpa and Abhijit are well moulded and set the mood of romance very well. How “Polonia” enters between them and what happens subsequently is portrayed very imaginatively. The character of Hora is based on Dr.Who from a BBC television series. Though in its course, the novel gets slightly jumbled, it retains its grip and impact as a successful sci-fi work. With a wonderful writing technique, and an impressive presentation, Madhu has produced a “first of its kind” novel in Telugu fiction. A must read book.