SEEMA SAAHITYA RATNAALU:K. Amarendra; Visalaandhra Publishing House, 4-1-435, Bank Street, Hyderabad-500001. Rs. 100 .

THIS A compilation of the pen-portraits of 68 personalities from the Rayalaseema region of Andhra Pradesh, who made significant contributions to Telugu literature. Quite appropriately, it starts with C.R. Reddy (Cuttamanchi Ramalinga Reddy), a scholar-poet and the first Vice-Chancellor of Andhra University, who is credited with the first modern critical study of classical literature. Rachamallu, R.S. Sudarsanam and Vallampati also have set exemplary standards in literary criticism.

The early decades of the 20 {+t} {+h} century saw a vibrant theatre movement sustained by stalwarts like Dharmavaram Krishnamacharyulu, Bellary Raghava, Kolachalam, and Balijepalli. Many of these dramatists and writers of that period were directly or indirectly involved in the national struggle for independence. Among the pre-eminent scholars who took to a serious study and research of literature are Rallapalli Anantakrishnasarma, Manavalli, and Timmavajjhala. Many of the successful short-story writers focussed on mass deprivation, suffering, and struggle of existence. Novelist Keshavreddy's writings on the plight of the people living in the hilly, arid region had a sensitive touch. These are just a few among the renowned literary figures who find a place in the publication, which is commendable as much for Amarendra's felicity of expression as for the format and content.