Se. Ganesalingan

PUYALUKKUP PIN (After the Storm): M.G. Christian, pub. by Agni, Adayalam 1205/1, Karupur Salai, Puthanatham-621310. Rs. 200.THIS NOVEL depicts the life and struggle of the fishing community and the dangers they experience when gales strike the coast. The author, M.G. Christian, belongs to the Christian community and is now settled in France, having gone there after the ethnic riots of July 1983 in Sri Lanka. The tsunami of December 26, 2004, reminded the author of the storms that struck Jaffna in 1964 and 1979. While narrating his experience of the disasters, the author also brings out the exploitation of the fishing community, its labour, prudent living, religious faith, education and the latter-day tendency to escape the hard life.The novel is intertwined with the infatuation of Rathi, daughter of a Tamil teacher, with a Sinhalese policeman Sirisena, who deserts her, and a lover who is prepared to marry her.As there is no specific form for a novel in Tamil, the author, being a poet, introduces verses of poets Bharati and Valluvar, and Sithar verses, and also quotes from Vivekananda, Sangam literature and folklore. Another absorbing point in the novel is the comparison he makes and the similes he uses to great effect in the narration.The author gives details of the tsunami tragedy as an appendix.