KOTHAKONAMLO ‘KRISHNAMURTHI’: ‘Sri Sarvari’; Master Yoga Ashram, Plot 89 & 90, Krishna Enclave, Military Dairy Farm Road, Tirumalgiri, Secunderabad-500015. Rs. 100.

THIS WELL-structured book on the life and teachings of J. Krishnamurti, interspersed with a number of delightful pictures, reads like a novel. Born to orthodox Brahmin parents JK’s spent his early childhood was spent at Madanapalle. Theosophists saw an extraordinariness in this young boy’s face and found him a prospective world teacher. His adoption by Annie Besant, the story of the foundation of the theosophical society, the years he spent in Europe, particularly in London and Paris and the training he underwent are all recounted in detail in the first 15 chapters. The letters by young Krishnamurti to Annie Besant describing his studies, dreams and problems are reflective of the doubts that arose and the changes that were happening in JK during this period.

The 10 chapters forming the second part contain the teachings and the austere philosophy of Krishnamurti. Here again the author has drawn extensively from the published works of JK. The completely new angle from which Krishnamurti looked at religiosity, meditation, his exploration into the depths of human consciousness and his stress on looking inward perhaps prompted the author to choose the title “Krishnamurti from a new angle”. One jarring point is the slightly deprecative language used regarding women.