GIRIJANA VAIDYA SARVASVAM: Koppula Hemadri; Pub. by Dr. Koppula Hemadri’s House of Tribal Medicine, B-17, Samrat Apartments, Srinagar Colony, Ring Road, Vijayawada-520008. Rs.999.

THIS VOLUME, a treasure trove containing information about herbal remedies is an exceptionally good production with 500 attractive colour plates of medicinal plants. The author spent 35 years interacting with various tribal groups inhabiting the hills and forests of Andhra Pradesh to collect their knowledge of herbs, and has presented it in this systematic study. Hemadri explains in detail the various herbs used for different ailments, how they are to be prepared and the dosages required. Many common afflictions can be cured with the roots, leaves, fruits and bark of trees and plants that abound in our forests. He also points out that there are herbs that help in preventing diseases. In separate chapters on women’s health it is interesting to find that tribal women use specific herbs for short-term and long-term prevention of pregnancies, for their debilitating illnesses and for helping in safe child birth. Herbs which are nourishing and can act as food supplements referred to in this work are to be taken seriously and popularised.

The addendum listing the scientific names of these plants listed along with Telugu or Sanskrit names is immensely helpful. The author’s efforts to bring tribal system of medicine to the forefront are praiseworthy.