SUNDHARAR POTRIYA ARUPATHTHU MOOVAR: Sivapriya, Pub.by Thennavarth Thirunerip Pathippakam, New Delhi. Rs. 170.IN THIS book, Sivapriya has brought to light the biographies of 63 individual and nine group of devotees of Lord Siva in strict accordance to the Thiruththondath Thogai of Sundarar. Though there are innumerable published works on the hagiology of the Nayanmars, the author has penned this work in a novel way by justifying the important events that took place in the lives of the devotees through several passages from the Saiva canons such as Thevaram, Thiruvachakam, Thirumandhiram and Periyapuranam. This approach of the author avoids all inconsistencies, ill-logical and impervious occurrences in the life-portrayal of the Saiva saints.The Nayanmars engaged in service due to their unflinching devotion to Lord Siva. They triumphed over all the trials and tribulations caused by the Lord to test their steadfast love and unstinted perseverance of dedicated service. Throughout the portrayal we can see the operation of divine grace as the invisible and invigorating force. They had conquered the passions and baser temperaments, and promoted religious fervour and spiritual illumination. The book will enrich the reader's knowledge and wisdom of Saiva rituals, religious moorings, philosophical doctrines and even mystical trends.