ADRUSHTAVANTHUNI AATHMAKATHA - Autobiography of D.V. Narasaraju: Creative Links Publications, 1-8-725/A1, 103-C, Balaji Bhagyanagar Apartments, Nallakunta, Hyderabad-500044. Rs. 200.THIS IS an autobiography of D.V. Narsaraju (Daatla Venkata Narasaraju 1920-2006), an eminent playwright, dramatist, movie script writer-director, humorist and above all, a gentleman to the core who was respected by one and all. Several of his plays were made into movies. The film 'Kaaru Diddina Kaapuram' (The car that settled a family feud) was a hilarious comedy with remarkable success, starring Nagesh and other well-known actors. His association with the movie greats of the day such as B.N. Reddy, K.V. Reddy, Nagi Reddy, Chakrapani among others was unique and won encomiums from each one of them. He had to his credit several prizes and awards for his plays and film dialogues. This book is not just an autobiography. It is a well-chiselled work of art in authoring autobiography. It documents in great detail the social history of the rural Telugu land. Written in his inimitable racy style with subtle wit and wisdom, the volume merits preservation as a reference work.