VICHARA SAGARAM: Tamil translation by A. Siva Rao of the Hindi original by Swami Nischala Das; pub. by Sri Vasudeva Brahmendra Saraswati Swamigal Library Committee, 88, Pattamangalam Street, Mayiladuthurai-609001.. Price not mentioned.SWAMI NISCHALA Das, who flourished in the second half of the 19th century, wrote three works in Hindi on philosophy. Of these, this book under review is the second edition of the Tamil translation of the original, by Sri A. Siva Rao, a retired civil servant. While the original in Hindi appears to clearly expound the various tenets and comments on them with quotations from scriptures, this translation, calculated to reach a wider audience, has been rendered equally well. Certain technical terms in the Sankhya system of philosophy and in Tarka Sastra have been explained in the footnotes in the text. This work is divided into seven parts "tarangas" (waves) as they are called befitting the book's title. The first deals with Anubandha Samanya Nirupanam, the purpose of maha vakyas, avantara vakyas and sadhana chatustaya. It is followed by Visesha Nirupanam. The third describes Sishya Lakshanam and the last three discuss `uttama', `madhyama' and `kanista' adhikaris and conclude with jivan mukti and videha mukti. A summary of all the schools of Vedanta with references to the non-tenability of non-advaitic systems find place. At places the language is involved and the statements need an indepth explanation by one having mastery over Vedantic concepts. However, this work does add to the knowledge of the students of advaita.