GHOSHAYATHRA: T.J.S. George; DC Books, DC Kizhakemuri Edam, Good Shepherd Street, Kottayam-686001. Rs.160.

FEW MEDIA persons have experienced the romance of journalism in as great a measure as T.J.S. George has. His journey from the newsroom of S. Sadanand’s Free Press Journal to the top of the profession was eventful. While heading a Bihar daily, he earned the displeasure of the chief minister and became the first editor to be charged with sedition in free India. During a stint abroad, the highlight of which was the founding of Asiaweek in Hong Kong with himself as its Editor, he incurred the wrath of some of Southeast Asia’s rulers. In this memoir, he lines up friends and foes, treating the reader to a celebrity parade.

Often the author goes beyond personal experience to present well-rounded portraits of the subjects. Thus he traces the transformation of Bal Thackeray, who was a cartoonist in Free Press Journal in his time, into the tiger of Mumbai.

The foreign dignitaries figuring in the parade include Lew Kuan Yew and Ferdinand Marcos.

George gives credit to the late M.P.Narayana Pillai for providing the impetus to write his memoir. In a letter, written 15 years ago and used as Introduction in the book, Pillai told him in his characteristic style: “To be a writer, you must have something in your mind, which will not occur to others. Thank God, you have it.” George delights the readers, but Pillai would probably have wanted more.