UDALINIAI URUTHI CHAI — Strengthen Your Body: C. Sylendra Babu; Sura Books Private Ltd., 1620, J Block, 16th Main Road, Anna Nagar, Chennai-600040. Rs. 90.

FOR A police officer like Sylendra Babu, physical fitness and the means to achieve it are a passion, even an obsession. Small wonder therefore, he is enthusiastic to educating the reader on the modes and modalities to strive for a healthy mind and body in this book. Indisputably, he has approached the subject with thorough professional efficiency, underlining the various facets that go in to making physical fitness an article of faith for everyone.

The efforts involved in strengthening the body and the mind necessarily require care of different factors. From the author’s standpoint, they are food, exercise, sleep, meditation, discipline and happiness. His conviction that only an amalgam of all these will have the desired effect is clear as crystal in the book. What is impressive is the simplicity in the narration with adequate explanation of every point; some words carry even an English translation. Line drawings and photographs enhance the value of a few chapters dealing with meditation and exercises.

The importance of physical fitness and education, and how well the author is equipped to handle this complex subject are reflected in the foreword by R.Thirumalaiswamy. In short, this book is an excellent guide to understand the concept of physical fitness.