R. Gopalakrishnan

VALLALAR RAMALINGA ADIGAL VARALARU: Ooran Adigal; Pub.by Samarasa Sanmarga Araichi Nilaiyam, P.B.No.2, Vadalur-607303. Rs. 330.

IN THIS revised edition, additional information and explanations are added, such as those who were born along with Vallalar and the history of the temples which Vallalar glorified.

The chronology of Vallalar’s life has been classified as the part of Kandakottam (1823-35), Tiruvorriyur (1835-58), Purva Jnana Chidambaram (1858-67), and Uttara Jnana Chidambaram(1867-70). The author has extensively elucidated not only the events in the life of Vallalar but also the description of holy places, concepts, titles of works, and names. He has narrated elaborately the spiritual quest, the religious zest and the social aspirations developed by Vallalar with documentary evidence and literary support.

Particularly the principles promulgated and practised by Vallalar such as one God, God in the form of effulgence, not to discriminate people on the basis of caste and religion, and the emphasis on Samadhi are really innovative and enlightening.

The present work portrays the life sketch, teachings, achievements and the devotional outpourings of the saint of the recent past who strived hard to establish religious harmony through the worship of God in the form of light, a common phenomenon to all religions. Through the notion of Samarasa Suddha Sanmarga Sangam, the saint endeavored to eliminate the menace of caste.

The author deserves all appreciation for such a nice and lucid presentation.