Staff Reporter

KOLLAM: The snow-white Vigova breed of ducks is the latest craze among duck farmers. These ducks, which grow to the size of geese, are reared for their meat.

Given their profit-making potential, they became a major attraction at an exhibition organised here on Friday by the Animal Husbandry Department, in connection with a seminar on "Employment and employment opportunities in the farming sector.''

The Vigova ducks are crossbred from the white Pekin and Aislsburry breeds.

They were first bred in Vietnam. In a month and a half after hatching, they consume 3 kg of feed and put on 2.5 kg of weight. These ducks are disease resistant and ideally suited for the Kerala climate.

They also need very little water. All that the duck needs is a shallow vessel of water to wet its head.

Given their snow-white colour, these ducks are also kept as ornamental birds. The cost of a month- old Vigova duckling is Rs. 70.

The meat cost Rs. 60 a kg.