The WTO agreement on trade facilitation will make life much easier for Indian exporters since the pact will ensure uniform, transparent and efficient transactions at the customs and port operations across the world, Chairman of the engineering exporters' body EEPC India Anupam Shah said. 

He said India had fought well for the food security programme in the developing countries, for the industries, particularly those in the export and import business. The agreement, that promises to dismantle barriers at the ports and customs would prove a turning point. 

“Our efficiency and transaction costs will improve by leaps and bounds, once the agreement comes into operation", Mr Shah said urging the WTO members to ensure that all the timelines for its implementation are adhered to. 

Non-tariff barriers

Indian exports suffer largely at the hands of customs and ports not only within the country but in several parts of  the world.

Besides, the agreement will make it difficult for some countries which tend to slap non-tariff barriers against exports from the developing countries, he said.