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Mill development plan to upgrade bleaching technology

KARUR: The Rs. 556 crore major expansion programme of the Tamil Nadu Newsprint and Papers Limited (TNPL) near here would result in increasing the unit's paper production capacity to 2.45 lakh tonnes from 2.30 lakh tonnes annually, besides substantially increasing in-house pulp production and most importantly help the paper major become environmentally benign with the implementation of elemental chlorine-free bleaching sequence in chemical pulping lines. According to the redrawn schedule, the mill development plan (MDP) would be over by July next.

The in-house pulp production would go up from 510 tonnes a day to 800 tonnes a day, thereby reducing the unit's dependence on purchased pulp to the barest minimum, according to the TNPL Managing Director, V. Murthy. The MDP would result in upgrading the bleaching technology of the existing mill operations, improve quality of pulp and subsequently of the paper, additional power generation of about 28 MW sans additional coal consumption, reduction in water consumption from 45 kl to 25 kl per tonne of pulp and improved overall environmental compliance in liquid effluent, air emissions and solid waste, Mr. Murthy points out.