Tata Chemicals Ltd. (TCL) on Firday announced a major rebranding initiative embracing its subsidiaries in the U.K., the U.S. and Kenya under the Tata Chemicals' corporate brand. The company said that following the operational integration across the subsidiaries, this move would open up opportunities for Tata Chemicals to be more customer-centric with a strong supply-chain capability spanning four continents under a common corporate brand. Accordingly, General Chemicals Industrial Products will be rechristened Tata Chemicals North America, General Chemicals (Soda Ash) Partners will be Tata Chemicals (Soda Ash) Partners, Brunner Mond (UK) will be Tata Chemicals Europe, Magadi Soda Company will be Tata Chemicals Magadi and Brunner Mond SA (Pty) Ltd. will be Tata Chemicals South Africa Pty Ltd.

This corporate brand transition will be in effect from April 1. Speaking on the change, R. Mukundan, Managing Director, Tata Chemicals, said, “This transition demonstrates Tata Chemicals' intention to build a strong and sustainable global Tata Chemicals brand.'' Tata Chemicals has manufacturing operations across four continents and will be working with a common mission of ‘Serving society through Science' to provide innovative products and services to various customer segments across the world. This signals an important milestone in the evolution of the Tata Chemicals brand where close to 40 per cent of the current consolidated revenues come from outside India.''

DeLyle Bloomquist, President, Global Chemicals Business, Tata Chemicals said, “this move will result in convening a united organization for our customers instead of representing the business as four different companies. We will now be able to more effectively leverage our businesses as one of the largest and the most geographically diverse producers of Soda ash, sodium bi-carbonate and salt.

“This integration under a common brand lays down the strategic direction for the next growth phase for Tata Chemicals' Global Chemicals business that will ensure a superior experience to our stakeholders across the world.''

The move will open up opportunities to be more customer-centric