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Rubber prices showing an up trend in international markets

KOTTAYAM: The meeting of rubber exporters called by the Rubber Board Chairman Sajan Peter has decided to immediately initiate steps to make use of the prevailing price advantage for Indian rubber in the international market.

The chairman pointed out that rubber prices were ruling higher in the International market than the indigenous prices range and said the Indian farmer had every right to the higher international price for their produce.

The international markets had experienced a relative lull period during the past few months, but were showing an up trend recently. This advantageous position should be exploited so that the Indian rubber grower got the benefits of globalisation, Mr. Peter said and added that the Rubber Board was committed to the interests of the grower.

The chairman said the focus would be on `humidity controlled godowns' in the Eleventh Plan.

This would help the grower to stock produce for longer period and would go a long way in effectively countering the efforts to bring down the price artificially by vested interests

The participating exporters pointed out that some of them had already contracted for exports in the coming weeks. Nearly 40 exporters and representatives of Latex Producers' Association, All India NR Exporters Association, Rubber mark and Plantation Corporation of Kerala, participated in the meeting.