Special Correspondent

NEW DELHI: After a slow start, the process of involving private companies in defence production has taken off with the Government having issued licences to over a dozen private companies during the last few years.

The private companies which have obtained licences are: Ramoss India (New Delhi), Larsen & Toubro (Mumbai), Mahindra & Mahindra (New Delhi), Max Aerospace & Aviation (Mumbai), Anjani Technoplast (Noida) and TIL Ltd (Kolkata).

Southern Group Industries (Chennai), Automotive Coaches and Cantonments (Chennai), HBL Power Systems Ltd (Hyderabad), Tata Motors (Mumbai), BF Utilities (Pune), TSL Defence Technologies (New Delhi), Vectra Engg, Materials (New Delhi), RMX Bridport Defence Systems (New Delhi), IDT Ltd (New Delhi) and Alpha-ITL Electro Optics (Bangalore).

Alpha Phazotron Radar Equipment & Systems (Bangalore), VXL Technologies (Faridabad), Memory Electronics (Mumbai), Indtech Constructions (New Delhi), Tata Power (Mumbai) and Alpha Design Technologies (Bangalore).

Under the offset procedure notified as part of Defence Procurement Procedure 2006, offset obligations shall be discharged directly by the foreign vendor by direct purchase of, or executing export orders for, defence products and components manufactured by, or services provided by Indian defence industries. The Government expects substantial benefits to accrue to Indian companies as a result of defence purchases to be made from foreign companies under the offset policy during the Eleventh Five Year Plan.