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Plans to introduce fun cards for wallpapers, games and special occasions

Available in three categoriesPrice ranges from Rs. 20 to Rs. 45 Customers have multiple choices

MANGALORE: Hutch on Tuesday introduced fun cards, scratch cards that offer pre-defined content in a tangible form. With fun cards, Hutch customers can now purchase their favourite caller tune and ring tones off-the-shelf from the nearest Hutch retailer and exclusive Hutch shops.

Samuel Selvakumar, Director (operations), Hutch, addressing media persons here on Tuesday, said fun cards offered Hutch customers multiple choices of differentiated and updated content. At present, fun cards were available in three categories ring tones (contains three ring tones), caller tunes (contains caller tunes subscription and one caller tune) and caller tunes shuffle (set of four caller tunes).

These cards are preloaded with specific content so that the customer can choose from the many options. Content currently covers categories such as Bollywood, international, classic, devotional and regional hits. Mr. Selvakumar said these ring tones and caller tunes were simple and easy to download through SMS. The cards were priced in the range of Rs. 20-45, he said.

Hutch offered a variety of content to its customers through its voice and GPRS service. But many customers find it difficult to access this content because of its intangible form. Fun cards had been conceptualised to provide Hutch customers the ease of choosing what they liked after seeing what was available, he said, and added that it was like any other product available in the retail space.

Fun cards would dramatically boost the usage of value-added service in smaller towns as it offered a simple SMS method to activate and enjoy the service, he said. Hutch also planned to introduce fun cards for wallpapers, games and special occasions at the earliest, he said. This service was not available now in Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra and Goa for technical reasons, he added.