Nokia users who are waiting to use the faster version of the mobile internet, 4G LTE, will have to wait a little longer as the company’s flagship Lumia 920 will not be compatible with India’s 4G network. The phone, which will reportedly hit Indian markets in early 2013, will not support the ‘LTE 2300’ bandwidth which is used across the country, despite the initial rollout of the high-speed broadband network by telecom majors such as Bharti Airtel.

A company spokesperson confirmed the development, and said that the initial version that will be sold in this country would not operate on 2300 Mhz.

“The initial version, which is expected to be launched very soon, will not be able to access 4G LTE in India,” a company spokesperson said.

Nokia, which has struggled with maintaining its position in the mobile handset market, has concentrated on wooing the Indian market with its low-end ‘Asha’ smartphone series. In India and China, the ‘time division duplex’ network is used for LTE, but is not a commonly used format and hence is not compatible with most mobile devices.