Digital learning solution provider Next Education is targeting a 40 per cent increase in revenues to nearly Rs. 200 crore in the current financial year, driven by new product launches along with aggressive expansion plan. The company, which was started in 2008, has invested Rs. 290 crore up till now and had revenues of Rs. 139 crore last year.

 “We presently have 5,000 partner schools across the country using our digital learning solutions like TeachNext, LearnNext, MathsLab, ScienceLab and EnglishLab. We are now focusing on Tier-II cities, and aim to cover 10,000 schools in the next 4 years,” Beas Dev Ralhan, CEO of Next Education told The Hindu .

 He said the company was confident of hitting the 40 per cent revenue growth target. “We are confident of growth. In economy there are four sectors—healthcare, retail, education and banking. If you look at sectors which have been untouched with technology, education is the biggest. It is just a start,” he added.

 The company has also launched a cloud-based learning platform for schools that will enable students access study content using any device such as tablets and laptops even outside of school.

 “The Learning Cloud solution aims to put entire school on cloud. What we are trying to say is that children do not study everything at school.

“Ultimately, we want to enable them to study from any device from anywhere. The school will need to adapt a platform through which they can provide the content anywhere,” Mr Ralhan said.