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SitMobile to have a stronger presence in Asian telecom market

SitMobile software provides value added solutions for mobile phones

The office in Kochi will see further developments in human resource

KOCHI: SitMobile, a Spanish IT company will be opening a new development, production centre and international marketing hub at Infopark Kochi on Monday.

The Consul General of Spain in India Cesar Alba will formally inaugurate the new office.

By opening this new office, SitMobile strategise to have a stronger presence in the Asian and West Asian telecom market, says a press release.

Started in June 2008, SitMobile software India is now the headquarters for sales, technical and operations support and software development of www.SitMobile.com.

SitMobile software India also provides value added software solutions to the mobile telephone industry like SMS, and Bluetooth.

This new office in India is set up with a capacity to host up to 100 professionals with the aim to develop their own client software, as well as to serve offices of SitMobile worldwide and boost up its international sales.

The office in Kochi will see further developments in terms of human resources and thereby augment its development capacity.

It will continue enhancing the messaging products (one of the most powerful messaging server with smart routing), mobile applications (development in J2ME, Blackberry, iPhone and Android), products following the business model line of SMS with butler, products related to managing model agencies, as well as other developments related to viral marketing, banking services, mobile payment, and mobile commerce.

“Choosing Kochi is due to the availability of highly skilled technical resources combined with the facilities provided by prestigious technological park, Infopark that hosts the best Indian companies in IT industry,” said Enric Solé, the group’s CEO.

“This is an important step for SitMobile as a product and service company to maintain optimum quality in order to compete in the mobile marketing world,” said Marc Bonavia, the group’s CMO.

Jolly Kannarathil, India’s Operations Managing Director said that the company started its operations with 20 technically very skilled resources and was expected to grow up to 100 in next two quarters.

And from there on the company expects significant increase in the manpower by direct recruitment from prestigious engineering colleges from Kerala.