Special Correspondent

NEW DELHI: Some of the world's major information technology (IT) and telecom companies have committed investment worth $16.675 billion over the next five years. CISCO, Motorola, Texas Instruments, Dell, Telcordia Technologies (all Chennai), SemIndia (Hyderabad), Intel (Bangalore), AMD (Delhi), IBM (Bangalore), Texas Instruments and Lenovo (Himachal Pradesh) are among the world majors that have already invested or have committed to investing in units, according to an official news release.

The Ericsson's Jaipur facility for manufacturing GSM base stations and mobile switching equipment has already gone on stream and the company will invest $50 millions in the second phase. It has also invested $50 million in its Chennai-based R&D facility and the global service delivery centre and announced a similar sum for the second phase.

Elcoteq has invested $100 million in its Bangalore facility, while the LG's $12 million plant in Pune has gone on stream. Nokia, has invested $200 million in a Chennai-based plant for manufacturing mobile handsets. Another centre, also in Chennai, will handle the company's network operations for customers in the Asia-Pacific Region, Europe, West Asia and Africa.

Alcatel, has three ventures in operation, including a $60 million WiMax centre in Chennai and technology transfer to the public sector ITI. Samsung from Korea has inaugurated a $15-million handset manufacturing plant in Haryana and is implementing an expansion plan of $200 million during the next three years. EMC 2 plans to invest $500-million in the storage technology software development centre. Siemens also plans a $100-million manufacturing unit. Aspocomp's Chennai based high density interconnections PCB manufacturing plant will go on stream after a year as well Flextronics' $100 million unit, also in Chennai.