Anand Parthasarathy

Special laptop for India, China launched

ROUND ROCK, AUSTIN (TEXAS): The PC and server business of Dell in its homeland has been growing by just three per cent. For truly scorching business Dell had to look to India — where it achieved revenue increases of 52 per cent and unit shipment increases of 68 per cent in the first quarter of 2008 — its top statistics anywhere in the world. China provided 30 per cent revenue and 43 per cent shipment growth.

In recognition of this fact of life, Dell has saluted its success story in emerging economies by creating for the first time a special laptop designed angled at small businesses in India and China. The D 500, manufactured in Shanghai, pares costs to Chinese customers to RMB 3899 (about Rs. 24,000) and is being launched in India as well, albeit on a low key.

Also to be launched this year are Dell’s first foray into what is called the mini-notebook or ultra mobile PC — a shrunken laptop with a screen about seven inches diagonal. It will have to take on similarly sized machines like the Asus EeePC and the Intel Classmate design launched in India by HCL. During a two-day technology briefing here for media from Asia-Pacific, Dell executives also unveiled desktop computers with extremely small footprints that also boasted a slate of eco-friendly features including in one possible option, a casing made of bamboo.

Chairman and CEO Michael Dell characterised as ‘staggering’ the growth that the company experienced in India in the last year.

The company that pioneered the ‘Dell Direct’ concept of direct sale to buyers has broadened its reach beyond Web-based selling by signing up over 30,000 reseller-partners worldwide.