On behalf of ICICI Bank, Head of Corporate Communications, Charudatta Deshpande writes: "We are India's foremost technology bank and have pioneered Internet banking in India and have large online banking customer base. We have built up an unparalleled reputation and goodwill based on high quality financial service including online banking services.

"The trademark ICICI and our logo is a well-known trademark and consumers recognise the trademark ICICI as a source identifier for the services offered by us. The story (`Article') titled "For a secure growth of Internet banking and e-commerce" in the Business Review section of The Hindu on December 26, 2005 has a photograph showing the name, trademark and screen shots of ICICI Bank website. The picture which you have carried in the story gives a misleading impression about the security measures undertaken by ICICI Bank, since the caption reads `How safe are they?'

"We would like to point out that our online banking service employs the 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL), which is one of the best commercially available encryption technology most commonly used by large-scale online merchants, banks and brokerages worldwide. Apart from using 128-bit SSL encryption and Verisign digital certificates which are de facto standards for security, ICICI Bank has also adopted the following mechanisms to provide a secure online banking experience to its customers, that is, secure login page, locking of passwords on incorrect attempts to access online banking, two levels of authentication for financial transactions in addition to providing a detailed security awareness webpage for our customers."

(The use of the picture with the story `For a secure growth of Internet banking and e-commerce' in The Hindu of December 26, 2005, was not intended to reflect on the ICICI Bank and its operations. Any such impression conveyed is regretted.)