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Company to target demand-side of the business processes

CHENNAI: Dexterity, an IT and KPO player in research and analytics, has decided to focus on marketing and customer informatics.

The company plans to look into the demand-side of the business processes, which consist of marketing and customer data management, analytics, insight delivery and market research outsourcing, according to Anantha Krishnan, Chief Executive Officer of the company.

Mr. Anantha Krishnan, who was formerly Accenture Partner Chairman had jointed Dexterity, said the market for Dexterity in the area of marketing and customer Informatics was growing rapidly. It was about eight times larger than the current $ 4 billion market in the market research outsourcing space, he added.

Data management

He said the company, which was only into market research space had now planned to enter into marketing customer data management.

At present, it had over 40 customers under the market research segment.

From this segment, the company was planning to enter into end-to-end business solutions of a company, which was a scalable business model with high value outcome, he said.

The business structure of the company had been divided into four segments such as retail, consumer product group, media and entertainment and market research.

At present, nearly 60 per cent of the revenue was generated from market research said Mr. Anantha Krishnan.