Special Correspondent

To add thermal capacity

KOLKATA: RPG group company CESC, having already made an entry into the hydel sector, is examining more hydel proposals, company sources said.

The group has recently been awarded the 1,450-MW Lara-Sumta project in Himachal Pradesh where the ‘four-season' environmental study was now on.

Commissioning the third 250 MW unit of the BudgeBudge thermal power plant and a 82-km transmission line connecting the site to the Eastern Metropolitan sub-station at an estimated cost of Rs. 1,310 crore, CESC Vice-Chairman Sanjiv Goenka said the group was examining some hydel proposals on sale or offer. Funds would not be a problem, he said.

With the total installed capacity now touching 1,225 MW, CESC has decided to add 5,000 MW of thermal capacity through organic and inorganic routes. It has plans to pan out to other States like Bihar, Chhatisgarh and Jharkhand.

It is implementing a thermal project in Haldia. In West Bengal, CESC serves a customer base of 20 million within its licensed area of 567 sq. km in Kolkata and Howrah.