Anand Parthasarathy

Self-service portal harnesses speech recognition, open standards

MUMBAI: Global enterprise communications leader Avaya has launched its voice portal, an integrated solution to drive speech-based self-service customer solutions, in the Indian market.

Harnessing the latest speech recognition technologies and marrying this to Internet-based `open' standards, the company is making service industry sectors travel portals, communication service providers, television-based competitions give customers the comfort of interacting by voice, while exploiting intelligent speech techniques that automate most of the processes and reduce the need for human operators to the bare minimum.

The Indian voice-based self-service market is booming, explained Amit Mehta, Director, Marketing, Avaya GlobalConnnect.

By making open standards likeVoice XML ( eXtended Markup Language) and the Eclipse programming environment and using the Internet Protocol (IP), as the bedrock of its applications, Avaya has done away with the need to have dedicated or proprietary hardware, and in effect reduced the inventory to a suite of software tools, he added. Leading Indian banking, financial and telecom players are known to be actively considering beefing up their customer interfaces with automated voice portals and the burgeoning mutual fund business is likely to be one of the first sectors to deploy this technology, giving customers a user-friendly way of getting information about their investments. Avaya Global Connect's President, Anil Nair, told The Hindu that the company was working on a `Project Diamond', internal name of its next generation initiative to drive communication-enabled business processes in multiple sectors.