A. Saye Sekhar

More executives likely to leave

Some staff join customers directly

HYDERABAD: Close on the heels of resignation by Subu D. Subramanian, head of the manufacturing and automotive vertical in Satyam Computer Services, another top executive (senior vice-president) Anil Kumar, head of financial services wing of the banking financial services and insurance (BFSI) vertical, also put in his papers.

The BFSI vertical contributes 22.87 per cent to the company’s revenues. A company spokesperson confirmed the resignation of Mr. Anil Kumar. Some more top executives, bracketed in the ‘I’ level, are also on their way out and the names will come out soon.

Insiders indicated that some of those working on the client location on the Coca Cola project were leaving Satyam and joining the customer directly. While the H1B rule was relaxed by Satyam, those with green card are also said to be considering the option of changing jobs. Sources said over 200 employees working in the US might be green card-holders. Apart from ELTPs (entry-level trainee programmers), the company segregated its staff into four bands and the pyramidal structure is called IBTS. Those with experience up to four years are in the ‘S’ band, while those in the ‘T’ band — there are two levels in this T1 and T2 — are managers and senior managers who usually head projects.

Those in the ‘B’ band are the heads handling the full lifecycle of a business. Those in the ‘I’ band are integrators handling more than one full life cycle. General managers, associate vice-presidents, vice-presidents and senior vice-presidents would form part of the ‘I’ band.

The spokesperson, however, said the company was evaluating the business generated by individuals at the top level and as part of the process of ‘rationalisation’ it was integrating a few businesses. The company never asked any employee to leave and it was not planning to do so, as it was not required to lay off people, the spokesperson pointed out.