Staff Correspondent

Plans to expand floor space

CHENNAI: FoodWorld, the RPG flagship food and grocery chain, which has been rechristened as Spencer's, has decided to introduce new formats as part of its restructuring and expansion plans.

Addressing a press conference here, J. H. Mehta, President, Spencer's Retail, said the new format stores would include hyper, super, daily and fresh markets. All these stores would be re-branded as Spencer's and followed by their respective format's name. The re-branding exercises of the 26 FoodWorld outlets in Chennai as `Spencer's daily' had already commenced.

RPG Enterprises had started the re-branding exercises, with termination of the joint venture with the Hong Kong-based Dairy Farm International. With the split, RPG retained 49 of the total 93 FoodWorld outlets. All these were being re-branded as Spencer's `daily' stores. Mr. Mehta said the company was now planning to expand its floor space from 3.5 lakh sq. ft. to 7 lakh sq. ft. in the current year.